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Barnesville has an estimated population of 6,755 residents as of the 2010 census. The newest 2016 population estimate is closer to 6,696 residents. The city itself lies within Lamar County and is part of the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

Barnesville’s current Mayor is Peter Banks who has served in this seat since 2008. Since taking office, Mayor Banks has had many accomplishments that have benefited the city and the residents. Some of his major accomplishments include balanced and conservative budgets yearly, no tax increases, dedicating the local Ritz Park as an entertainment venue, and he planned, built, and completed the Summers Field Park.

Contact Mayor Banks:

Phone Number: (770) 358-0211


As of January 2018, Barnesville has a total of 35 registered sex offenders living in the city. The ratio of residents to sex offenders is 187 to 1.

Barnesville, Georgia Police Station Information

The overall crime rate in Barnesville is about 35% higher than the current US national average. This means that for every 100,000 people, there are approximately 10.53 crimes that occur daily in the city and as a resident, you have a 1 in 27 chance of becoming a victim of a crime. The overall year by year crime rate has increased by 3%.

Barnesville is rated an F for crime and safety and is safer than 18% of cities in the US. The crime rate in Barnesville is 13% higher than the average crime rate in all of Georgia. Barnesville has a 37% higher rate of violent crime than the Georgia average and 41% higher than the national violent crime rate.

Per 100,000 people in Barnesville, there are 3,842 crimes reported annually, which is higher than the Georgia average of 3,402 and the national average of 2,837. In Barnesville, per 100,000 people, there are a total of 15.1 murders, 45.4 robberies, 484 assaults, 453.8 burglaries, 2,753 thefts, and 90.8 vehicle thefts. This means that Barnesville sees 545 reported violent crimes and 3,298 property crimes reported per 100,000 people yearly.

The Barnesville Police Department is responsible for the protection of residents and property in the city. The mission of the police department is to keep officers out on the streets to deter crime and to make sure that patrol cars are visible in the neighborhoods to ensure a visible presence. The current Chief of Police is Craig Cooper.

Barnesville Police Department Address:

100 Mill Street
Barnesville, GA 30204

Phone Number: (770) 358-1244

The Barnesville Police Department utilizes the Lamar County Jail, which is operated and maintained by the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office. Residents can contact the jail at (770) 358-5151. The function of the Lamar County Jail is to take and process inmates in a timely manner. Inmates have the opportunity to post bond or have a speedy hearing. The jail has a total of 21 sworn officers and a total of 152 beds.

Barnesville Police Department Additional Information

Address 1: 100 Mill Street
City: Barnesville
State: GA
Zip Code: 30204-1216
County: Lamar County
Phone #: 770-358-1244
Fax #: 770-358-7650

Additional Information:

Type: Police Departments
Population Served: 6000
Number of Officers: 15

Barnesville Police Department:

Barnesville, Georgia City Website:

Lamar County Sheriff’s Office:

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One of the many things that differentiates Barnesville from other small cities is the celebration their heritage through an event and festival known as Buggy Days. The city is known as the Buggy Capital throughout the 1800s and the city has continued to honor this memory. The festival is held on the third full weekend in September.

The festival includes an arts and crafts section, parade, and a concert and street dance. Residents love the event and it truly bring residents and visitors together. The Barnesville-Lamar Chamber of Commerce hosts and sponsors the event.

Contact Barnesville-Lamar Chamber of Commerce:

Phone Number: (770) 358-5884


County Sheriff, Warrant, Most Wanted Information in Barnesville, Georgia

All warrants are issued, maintained, and serviced for the county and city of Barnesville by the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office. To inquire about warrants or to learn more about the process, contact the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office at (770) 358-5159

The Lamar County Sheriff’s Office also keeps track of and monitors all sex offenders living within the county to include within the city limits of Barnesville. Residents can perform a sex offender search to learn more about current registered offenders and their location.

Search the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office Sex Offender Registry:

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