Clayton, Georgia Information

Clayton is located within Rabun County and is the county seat. The 2010 census estimated the population at 2,019 residents, but a 2016 estimate puts the number of residents closer to 2,266.

The current Mayor of Clayton is Jordan Green who was elected into the role in December of 2015. He serves on a board with 5 Council Members.

Contact Jordan Green:
Phone Number: (706) 782-4512

As of February 2018, there were a total of 22 registered sex offenders living within Clayton, GA. The ratio of residents to sex offenders is 87 to 1.

Clayton, Georgia Police Station Information

The crime rate in Clayton is 33% higher than the national average and the total year over year crime has continued to climb and is estimated to be at an increase of about 15%. Clayton is safer than 33% of other US cities.

As a resident in Clayton, you have a 1 in 27 chance of becoming a victim to any type of crime whether property or violent. For every 100,000 people, there are roughly 10.35 crimes that are committed daily within the city limits.

In Clayton, per 100,000 people, there are 3,778 crimes reported annually. Of those crimes, 44.4 are rapes, 88.9 robberies, 88.9 assaults, 444.4 burglaries, 3,066.7 thefts, and 44.4 vehicle thefts. The majority of crimes committed in the city are property crimes.

The Clayton Police Department is the governing agency in charge of investigating crimes, responding to citizen’s calls, and helping citizens while apprehending criminals. The focus of the department is to enhance the quality of life of residents within the city limits while making sure to remain as professional as possible.

Clayton Police Department Address:

837 US-76
Clayton, GA 30525

Phone Number: (706) 782-2181

The Clayton Police Department uses the Rabun County Sheriff’s Department Jail to house inmates and all suspects that are apprehended and accused of a crime. The jail administration is responsible for making sure that all inmates are healthy and properly taken care of. Residents can contact the Jail at (706) 212-7981.

Clayton Police Department Additional Information

Address 1: 837 US-76
City: Clayton
State: GA
Zip Code: 30525-4252
County: Rabun County
Phone #: 706-782-2181
Fax #: 706-782-2630

Additional Information:
Type: Police Departments
Population Served: 2800
Number of Officers: 11

Clayton Police Department:

Clayton, GA City Website:

Rabun County Sheriff’s Office:

Open Records Request in Clayton, Georgia

Clayton, GA has a dedicated City Attorney who is responsible for making sure that the Mayor, Council Members, and City Officials have the legal help that they need available to them. The current City Attorney is Mitch Baker and he is responsible for providing the city with legal advice and help when needed.

Contact Clayton City Attorney:
Phone Number: (706) 782-4512

County Sheriff, Warrant, Most Wanted Information in Clayton, Georgia

All criminal warrants for Clayton, GA and Rabun County are issued, serviced, and maintained by the Rabun County Sheriff’s Office. The sheriff’s office will work in conjunction with the city departments to make sure all warrants are handled in a timely manner. For all questions about current and past warrants, contact the Rabun County Sheriff’s Office at (706) 782-3612.

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