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College Park is located in Fulton County and as of the 2010 census there was an estimated 13,942 residents living in the city. As of the 2016, the new estimated population is closer to 15,035.

The current Mayor of College Park is Jack Longino who is also the chief executive officer of the city. The Mayor is elected into term and serves alongside Council Members who help him make decisions about the city. ‘The Mayor is in attendance at all of the city meetings and residents are encouraged to attend and participate.

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Statistics show that as of February 2018, there were a total of 200 registered sex offenders in College Park. The ratio of residents to sex offenders is 74 to 1.

College Park, Georgia Police Station Information

College Park is far from crime free and the overall crime rate in the city is 303% HIGHER than the national average. The city has received an F rating and is NOT safer than any cities in the US. While the crime situation may seem out of control, the year over year crimes have decreased by about 16%.

For every 100,000 people, there are roughly 31.33 crimes committed on a daily basis in the city. You have a 1 in 9 chance of becoming a victim to a crime in College Park.

The city received a total of 11,437 reports of crime annually per 100,000 people. Of those reported crimes, 40.7 were murders, 81.5 rapes, 882.9 robberies, 889.7 assaults, 2,098.6 burglaries, 5,990.2 thefts, and 1,453.4 vehicle thefts.

The College Park Police Department is responsible for making sure that all residents, properties, and visitors are safe while within the city limits. The department focuses on making sure to model behavior that everyone expects from the police. The department wants to be held to a higher standard and they want to engage in community policing and building stronger relationships with the residents. The current Chief of Police is Keith Meadows.

College Park Police Department Address:

3717 College Street
College Park, GA 30337

Phone Number: (404) 765-7077

College Park Police Department transports all apprehended persons to the Fulton County Jail. The jail is setup to house and care for inmates while they serve a sentence, wait for a transfer, or get prepared for their first appearance in court. The Fulton County Jail does allow inmates to have visitors, but you will need to call the jail to learn more about visiting hours and times. To reach the Fulton County Jail, call (404) 613-2000.

College Park Police Department Additional Information

Address 1: 3717 College Street
City: College Park
State: GA
Zip Code: 30337-3795
County: Fulton County
Phone #: 404-765-7077
Fax #: 404-767-3562

Additional Information:

Type: Police Departments
Population Served: 25000
Number of Officers: 104

College Park Police Department:

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Open Records Request in College Park, Georgia

College Park thinks that it is very important that the residents in the city know how the taxpayer money is being used. The city has made a commitment to be as transparent as possible when it comes to funds and how they are spent. The city will provide balance sheets, annual trend reports, and more. The Financial Transparency project is an important step taken by the city to ensure that all residents know what to expect and how their money is being used.

Contact City Financial Department in College Park:
Phone Number: (404) 767-1537 ext. 1101

County Sheriff, Warrant, Most Wanted Information in College Park, Georgia

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office handles all warrants for both the county and the city of College Park. Deputies who perform service on the warrants will work with the appropriate authorities at the police department to ensure the warrant is served. If you have any questions about warrants, current or past, call the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office at (404) 612-5100.

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