Loganville, Georgia Information:

Loganville is a city in western Walton County, Georgia and the city limits extend west into southeastern Gwinnett County. Loganville is only 12 miles from Monroe, Georgia, the county seat of Walton, and only 32 miles west to downtown Atlanta. The population of 10,458 during the 2010 census, but estimates from the year 2016 show the population has increased to 11.674.

In 2018, Loganville ranked #1,478 out of 2,884 of the “Safest Suburbs in America,” #1,563 out of 4,876 of the “Best Suburbs to Buy a House in America” #1,664 out of 4,688 of the “Suburbs with the Lowest Cost of Living in America,” #14 out of 75 of the “Safest Suburbs in Georgia,” #32 out of 110 of the “Most Diverse Suburbs in Georgia,” #33 out of 110 of the “Suburbs with the Best Public Schools in Georgia,” #34 out of 110 of the “Best Suburbs to Buy a House in Georgia,” #41 out of 109 of the “Best Suburbs to Raise a Family in Georgia,” #52 out of 110 of the “Best Suburbs to Live in Georgia,” #14 out of 76 of the “Safest Suburbs in Atlanta Area,” #33 out of 111 of the “Places with the Best Public Schools in Atlanta Area,” #34 out of 110 of the “Best Suburbs to Buy a House in the Atlanta Area,” and #72 out of 244 of the “Safest Places to Live in Atlanta.”

The livability index in Loganville is 71, placing it in the 78th percentile,” yet it is higher than both the national livability index of 64 and the Georgia state average of 61.

Factors in the livability index, using letter grades for Loganville:

  • “A” – Weather;
  • “B” – Amenities and Crime;
  • “C” – Cost of Living;
  • “D” – Education, Employment, and Housing..

    Facebook Page for Loganville, Georgia Government:

    The Mayor of Loganville, Georgia is Mayor Rey Martinez who was elected in 2017. Mayor Martinez can be reached at 770-486-1165 or by email at rmartinez@loganville-ga.gov.

    City of Loganville
    P.O. Box 39
    Loganville, GA 30052

    Loganville, Georgia Crime rates and statistics:

    There were 374 total crimes reported in Louisville in one year, meaning that the total crime rate in Loganville was 3.278 total crimes for every 100,000 residents, which is 4% lower than the average in the state of Georgia with 3,402 total crimes per 100,000 residents. When compared with the national average of 2,837 total crimes for every 100,000 citizens, it is 41% higher than the crime rate in Louisville, Georgia.

    When we break this down further into violent crimes, which include murder, rape, robbery, and assault, and property crimes, theft, auto theft and burglary, Loganville has higher crime rates as well.

    When it comes to violent crimes, Loganville, Georgia had 96 violent crimes for every 100,000 residents. The rate in Louisville is 76% lower than the Georgia state average of 398 violent crimes per 100,000 people and 75% lower than the average in the U.S. of 386 violent crimes for every 100,000 individuals. Property crimes are in Loganville, at 3,182 crimes per 100,000 people, is 6% higher than the average in Georgia (3,005 per 100,000 residents,) and 75% lower than the U.S. average of 2,451 for every 100,000 individuals.

    As of March 2018, there were 62 registered sex offenders living in Loganville, Georgia. The ratio of number of residents to the number of sex offenders in Loganville was 182 to 1.

    Loganville, Georgia Police Department Address:

    Loganville Police Department
    65 Lawrenceville Street
    Loganville, GA 30071

    Other Information about the Loganville Police Department:

    Mike McHugh is the Chief of the Loganville Police Department. Chief McHugh can be reached at 770-466-8087 or by fax 770-466-6679 or by email at mmchugh@loganville-ga.gov.

    In 2016, there were 33 full-time law enforcement employees in Loganville, 30 of whom were police officers. There were 2.63 officers for every 1,000 residents which was higher than the Georgia state average of 2,50 officers per 1,000 citizens.

    Open Records Request in Loganville, Georgia:

    For records in Loganville, Georgia:

    For records from the Monroe Police Department:

    Record requests from the Walton County, Georgia County Clerk, Leta Talbird, ltalbird@co.walton.ga.us or 770-267-1370.

    Record requests from Walton County, Georgia:

    For records in Gwinnett County, Georgia:

    County Sheriff, Most Wanted, Warrant Information, Etc.

    The Sheriff of Walton County is Sheriff Joe Chapman. Sheriff Chapman was elected Sheriff in the year 2004 and has kept the position ever since. He can be reached at 770-267-1458.

    Walton County Sheriff’s Office
    1425 South Madison Avenue
    Monroe, GA 30655

    Sex Offender Registry in Walton County:

    Facebook Page for the Walton County Sheriff’s Office:

    Major Wade Harris is the Jail Commander of the Walton County Jail. He can be reached at 770-267-1012 or via email.

    Walton County Detention Center
    1425 South Madison Avenue
    Monroe, GA 30655

    To see a list of inmates in the Walton County Jail:

    Security – The Walton County Jail takes security very seriously and inmates are allowed to have in their possession only materials which are authorized. Any other items that are either brought into the Walton County Jail or items which are inappropriate could result in prosecution of both the individual and the individual.

    Visitation – Visitation is permitted with friends, family members, relatives, legal counsel and ministry. The dates and times will be posted inside of each cell and it is the inmate’s responsibility to notify visitors of the dates and times of visitation. You are allowed two members per visitation and each visitation period can last for 30 minutes. A child who is able to walk is considered to be a visitor. A valid picture ID is required when someone comes to visit (i.e. a Passport, a Driver’s License, or a State ID) and the visitor must be there at least 30 minutes prior to the beginning to the of visitation. If you are late your visit may be cut short or forfeited. If you do not comply with the instructions of the law officials your visitation privileges can be lost.

    Visitors must wear appropriate clothing and are subject to search at any time. Visitors may not carry cell phones into the jail under any circumstances.

    Visitation Schedule:
    Cell 1 0800 – 0300
    Cells 3 & 4 0830 – 0900
    Cells 5 & 6 0900 – 0960
    Cell 9 (Rooms 1-15) 1000 – 1030
    Cell 9 (Rooms 16-31) 1030 – 1100
    Cell 10 (Rooms 1-15) 1100 – 1130
    Cell 10 (Rooms 16 – 31) 1300 – 1430
    Cell 11 (Rooms 1 – 15) 1330 – 1330
    Cell 11 (Rooms 16-31) 1400 – 1430
    Cell 12 (Rooms 1 – 15) 1430 – 1500
    Cell 12 (Rooms 16 – 31) 1500 – 1539
    Work Release 1530 – 1600

    Work Release 1430 – 1500
    Cell 1 1500 – 1530
    Cells 3 $ 4 1530 – 1600
    Cells 5 & 6 1600 – 1630
    Cells 7 & 8 1900 – 1930
    Cell 9 (Rooms 1 – 15) 1930 – 2000
    Cell 9 (Rooms 16-31) 2000 – 2030
    Cell 10 (Rooms 1 – 15) 2030 – 2100
    Cell 10 (Rooms 16 – 31) 2100 – 2130
    Cell 11 (Rooms 1 – 15) 2130 – 2200
    Cell 11 (Rooms 16 – 31) 2230 – 2300
    Cell 12 (Rooms 1 – 15) 2230 – 2330
    Cell 12 (Rooms 16 – 31) 2300 – 2330.

    Inmate Services:

  • Health & Medical;
  • Food Services;
  • Exercise;
  • Legal Resources
  • Religious Activities;
  • Commissary;
  • Personal Property
  • Administrative Review; and
  • Mail Policy – some mail may be deemed unacceptable by prison authorities, especially those with pornographic pictures or gang activity on them. Mail such as these will not be given to the intended recipient and, if there is evidence of a crime, may be used to prosecute both the sender and the recipient of said mail.

    If you think that you may have a warrant out of Walton County, Georgia, you should call the Sheriff’s Department as soon as possible, at 770-267-6557.

    Gwinnett County

    The Sheriff of Gwinnett County is R.L. (Butch) Conway. Sheriff Conway was elected to the position of Sheriff in 1996 and is in his fifth term as Sheriff. Sheriff Conway can be reached at 770-882-3140 or via email at Butch.Conway@gwinnettcounty.com or at:

    Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office
    2900 University Parkway NE
    Lawrenceville, GA 30043

    For Sex Offenders in Gwinnett County:

    Gwinnett County Detention Center:
    2900 University Parkway
    Lawrenceville, GA 30043

    Mail Policy at the Gwinnett County Jail:

    Information on inmate accounts at the Gwinnett County Jail:

    For information on visitation with an inmate at the Gwinnett County Jail:

    If you think you have a warrant in Gwinnett County, you should call the Sheriff’s Office at 770-619-6500, or you can check this list:

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