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Bryan County Sheriff Overview

Separated into two parts (North Bryan and South Bryan), Bryan County is located in Georgia, USA. Bryan County was formed on December 19, 1793, and here, the county seat is Pembroke. Bryan County was named after Jonathan Bryan who was an American Revolutionary War partisan. The total citizen of this county is 33,157, and the total area is 454 square miles.

Honorable Sheriff Clyde R. Smith and his team conduct patrols across the county to keep the citizens safe from any criminal activity. You can contact him if you use the following details:

Bryan County Sheriff’s Office

95 Sgt. Robert W. Crapse Drive

PO Box 960, Pembroke, Georgia, 31321

Inmate Search in Bryan County Jail

If you want to locate an inmate fast, you should navigate to the following link:

Bryan County Jail maintains an online inmate roster list where you will find the list of all prisoners. Another way to locate a detainee is to call at 912-653-5245 and communicate with a jail staff directly.

Important Jail Policies and Procedures

The visitation rules of Bryan County Jail requires you to have your name enlisted on the preapproved list of visitors. The jail authority needs this information to process every visitation. You must carry a proof of identification such as valid government ID or driving license. You have to come 15 minutes before your proposed visitation.

For sending mail to an inmate, you have to use U.S. Postal Service. The jail authority doesn’t accept mail from other services. When sending mail, be sure to follow the below mailing template:

Bryan County Jail

Inmate Name, Inmate ID #

95 Sgt. Robert W. Crapse Drive

PO Box 960, Pembroke, Georgia, 31321

While in custody of Bryan County Jail, an inmate may need funds to purchase products or services from the commissary store. Therefore, you can send commissary funds to any inmate if you use money orders or cashier’s check.

Sex Offender Search and Lookup

Every sex offenders are listed on either national or state based sex offender database. All these sex offenders have been charged with sex or kidnapping crime. A sex offender is a person who has been convicted of a sex crime including rape, molestation, production and distribution of child pornography. Any illegal act involving forced or coerced sexual conduct against a person is regarded as a sex crime.

If you wish to locate a sex offender at Bryan County Jail, you should navigate to the following link:

You should remember that the search results will show you the latest or primary addresses of the sex offenders. Besides, you have to accept a disclosure for accessing the information from the database.

Bail and Bondsman

You can get a prisoner out of Bryan County Jail if you post the bail money to the court. The bail is 10% of the total money charged for a crime offense. After analyzing the severity of the crime, the court decides how much money a person should pay as charges for whatever crime they have committed. If the set bail money is too high for you, you should get help from a bail bondsman. A bail bondsman would post the bail money for you and would charge you a minimum of $100. In other cases, you might end up paying between 10% and 15% of the total bail money.

Looking For A Licensed Bail Bond Agent in Bryan County?

Bryan County Jail Address: 1955 Sgt. Michael W. Larson Dr, Richmond Hill, GA 31324

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