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Camden County Sheriff Overview

Located in the southeastern corner of Georgia, USA, Camden County is one of the original counties of Georgia. This county was founded on February 5, 1777. Here, the county seat is Woodbine, and the biggest city is St. Marys. Camden County has a total population of 51,476. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the total area of Camden County is 782 square miles. The zip codes of this county are as follows: 31568, 31569, 31547, 31548, 31558, and 31565.

Sheriff Jim Proctor conducts patrols across the county to keep the citizens safe from any criminal activity. You can contact him using the following details:

Camden County Sheriff’s Office

P.O. Box 699,

Woodbine GA 31569


Phone: (912) 510-5100

Fax: (912) 510-5144

Inmate Search in Camden County Public Safety Facility

Unfortunately, Camden County Public Safety Facility doesn’t maintain an online inmate roster list. Therefore, the best way to locate an inmate is to call at 912-510-5100 and make a direct inquiry to the jail staff. When communicating, you should provide the first and last name of the inmate, ID number or Birthdate correctly.  

Important Jail Policies and Procedures

The following are the visitation rules of Camden County Public Safety Facility –

  • You can pay a visit to any prisoner on Saturday and Sunday from 12:30 pm-5:30 pm.
  • Inmate’s last name starting from A and ending at M can have visitors on Saturday.
  • Inmate’s last name starting with N and ending at Z can have visitors on Sunday.
  • Your name must be on the list of preapproved visitor’s list. The jail authority needs this information to process every visitation.
  • Each inmate is allowed to have a maximum of three visitors for a 15-minmute period.

While in custody, all prisoners might need commissary funds to buy products or services from the commissary store. Therefore, you can send commissary funds if you use the online service at This is the fastest way to send commissary funds to an inmate’s account. Besides, you can make a deposit in person if you use the kiosk in the lobby of the detention facility.

All prisoners are allowed to receive mail from their family and friends. However, you have to use U.S. Postal Service to send mail, postcards to an inmate. When sending mail or postcards, you must use the following template:

Camden County Public Safety Facility

Inmate Name

P.O. Box 699

Woodbine, GA 31569.

Sex Offender Search and Lookup

Each registered sex offender is listed on either national or state based sex offender database. All these sex offenders have been charged with either sex or kidnapping crime. A sex offender is someone who has committed a sex crime including rape, molestation, production and distribution of child pornography. A sex crime is any illegal act that includes forced or coerced sexual conduct against a person. If you wish to find a sex offender at Camden County Public Safety Facility, you can navigate to the following link:

You should remember that when searching for a sex offender, you will see the latest or primary addresses of the sex offenders. You have to accept a disclosure to access the information from the database.

Bail and Bondsman

Bailing a prisoner out of Camden County Public Safety Facility is easy if you post the bail money to the court. The bail money is 10% of the total money charged for a crime offense. The court will decide this amount by reviewing the severity of the crime. If you are going through financial hardship, a bail bondsman will come handy in this situation. A licensed bail bondsman would post the bail money and charge a minimum of $100 for their services. In other cases, you might end up paying between 10% and 15% of the total bail money.

Camden County Jail Address: 209 E 4th St, Woodbine, GA 31569

Camden County Sheriff’s Office, Camden County GA

Law Enforcement: Enforcement of the laws of the State of Georgia.

Warrants: Serving a variety of criminal warrants and civil papers.

Court Duties: Establishing and maintaining the safety and security of the courts, performing other court-related duties.

Jail Administration: Operate the county jail and is solely responsible for the custody, safety and health of inmates.

Camden County Sheriff's Office, Camden County GA

Camden County Sheriff’s Office, Camden County GA3 days ago

Logging Crews are cutting timber in the median of Interstate 95 between exit 7 and 14. This work is narrowing the traffic lanes to two lane traffic. A traffic backup of about three miles during day time hours is occuring. Avoid the backup by traveling U.S. Highway 17.

Camden County Sheriff's Office, Camden County GA

Camden County Sheriff’s Office, Camden County GA3 days ago

Sheriff Jim Proctor administered the Oath of Office to Grant Gabriel. Grant will be working in the Jail Division as a Corrections Officer. Welcome to The Camden County Sheriff’s Office Grant!

Camden County Sheriff's Office, Camden County GA

Camden County Sheriff’s Office, Camden County GA7 days ago

The Deputy of the Month for March that has been honored by The Bennett Automotive Group is Deputy Larry Hamilton. Deputy Hamilton has been with the Camden County Sheriff’s Office for twenty years and is assigned to the Court Service Division. The Bennett Automotive Group each month provides a Ruth Chris Steakhouse Gift Card to the Deputy that is selected. The Deputy of the Month also gets to choose a new car to drive for a day. Congratulations to Deputy Larry Hamilton.

Camden County Sheriff's Office, Camden County GA

Camden County Sheriff’s Office, Camden County GA2 weeks ago

Robocall Scams are on the increase, so remember scammers are automating robocall scams worldwide. This type of fraud is on the increase. There are a variety of attacks that you should watch out for. Some examples of Robocall Scams are;

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Extortion scams where they request payment for a kidnapped friend or family member.

Callback scams where you are tricked into calling back a very expensive international number.

Scams that insist you are in trouble, and the only way to not be arrested is to purchase gift cards, etc. and provide the card numbers to the scammer.

Avoid Robocall Scams by;

Hanging up the telephone, and then call back the company directly to investigate if the call was legit.

Scammers can spoof any number they like. Even if a call looks like it is coming from a familiar source, it could be a scam.


Think before you react.

Camden County Sheriff's Office, Camden County GA

Camden County Sheriff’s Office, Camden County GA2 weeks ago

Camden County Sheriff Jim Proctor administered the Oath of Office today for two Sheriff’s Office employees. Samantha Quinn just completed Jailer Training and is now a certified Jailer. She was administered the Oath of Office and congratulated for successfully completing the training.
Sheriff Proctor also administered the Oath of Office for Tianna Smith. Tianna is a 911 Communications Officer working in the Emergency 911 Dispatch Center.

Camden County Sheriff's Office, Camden County GA

Camden County Sheriff’s Office, Camden County GA2 weeks ago

Camden County Sheriff Jim Proctor, along with Chiefs of Kingsland and St. Marys Police Departments have agreed to form a Joint Camden Action Team, or (J-CAT). This team will work as a task force divised as a law enforcement challenge to the criminal elements operating in the multi-jurisdictional municipal areas of Camden.

Law enforcment investigative Divisions, of each agency, cannot be sufficiently staffed to provide resources to investigate major crimes, or critical incidents. Therefore, personnel from area law enforcement have been named to assist with investigating crimes in a team effort. This sharing of resources shall help reduce the shortage of investigators when a major case investigation needs to be conducted on a twenty-four hour basis over a span of several days.

Sheriff Proctor said “The development of the Joint Camden Action Team will assist investigators during major crime events. This concept will insure that resources are available should the need arise for additional workers. I am extremely proud that area law enforcement is available to assist each other should the need arise.”

Pictured is Kingsland Police Officer Sean Rafferty as he is sworn in as a member of the newly formed Joint Camden Action Team (J-CAT) by Sheriff Jim Proctor.

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