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Candler County Sheriff Overview

Candler County is located in the east of Georgia, USA. This county was founded in 1914. It has a total population of 10,937. Candler County was named after Allen D. Candler who was the 56th governor of Georgia. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Candler County has a total area of 249 square miles.

Honorable Sheriff John Miles is leading lawman in Candler County who is responsible for keeping the county safe. You can reach him if you use the following details:

Candler County Sheriff’s Office

1015 East Hiawatha Street

PO Box 693, Metter, Georgia, 30439

Phone: 912-685-2568

Fax: 912-685-4983

Inmate Search in Candler County Jail

Candler County Jail doesn’t maintain an online inmate roster list. However, you can still locate an inmate fast if you call at 912-685-2568 and communicate with a jail staff. When making an inquiry, you should provide the first and last name of the inmate, ID number or birthdate correctly.

Important Jail Policies and Procedures

To visit a prisoner at Candler County Jail, your name must be enlisted on the preapproved list of visitors. Inmates have to provide the potential visitor’s name in advance. The jail authority needs this information to process every visitation. When you are paying a visit to the facility, you must carry a valid government ID or driving license to show as a proof of identification.

For sending mail or postcards to prisoners, you have to use U.S. Postal Service as it’s the only way one can send mail or postcards to Candler County Jail. When sending a mail or postcard, you should use the following mailing template:

Candler County Jail

Inmate Name

1015 East Hiawatha Street

PO Box 693, Metter, Georgia, 30439

Inmates may need commissary funds to purchase products or services such as calling cards, foods or snacks, and stationery items from the commissary store. So, you can send commissary funds if you use the kiosk in the jail lobby. You can even send funds using money orders or cashier’s check.

Sex Offender Search and Lookup

Each registered sex offender is listed on either state or national based sex offender database. Each of these sex offenders has been convicted of sex or kidnapping crime. A sex offender is a person who has been charged with a sex crime including molestation, rape, production and distribution of child pornography. A sex crime is any illegal that involves forced or coerced sexual conduct against another person. You can locate any sex offender if you navigate to the following link and access the information from the database:

Keep in mind the search result will show you the primary or last known addresses of the sex offender where they are currently living in. You have to accept a disclosure to access the information from the database.

Bail and Bondsman

You can get a prisoner out of Candler County Jail if you post the bail money to the court. Typically, the bail money is 10% of the total money charged for a criminal offense. The court decides how much money a person should pay as charges for whatever crime they have committed. If the set bail money is too high, you should get help from a bail bondsman. A bail bondsman would post the bail money and charge at least $100. Others might charge anything between 10% and 15% for providing this service.

Looking For A Licensed Bail Bond Agent in Candler County ?

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Dillonanastasia Head

Dillonanastasia Head

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Rashad Nelson

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He is a liar and crook and took my money

Kayla McIntosh

Kayla McIntosh

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

I tried to bail out a friend in need and gave this office 600$ and I’m now going to court to get it back because OOPS, THEY GAVE MY MONEY AWAY! And instead of taking responsibility for their mistake and paying me back, they have made me go through the court system to get it back… And as a single parent I must say, Christmas isn’t the time to make me pay for your mistakes!!!! DON’T RECOMMEND

Candler County Jail  Address: 1015 E Hiawatha St, Metter, GA 3043

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