24Jul 2017
Jul 24, 2017

Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison Escapees Brought Down by Tennessee Homeowners

In June, Georgia and Tennessee regions reached a state of panic as two fugitives escaped during a transfer to Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison. The criminals, Ricky Dubose and Donnie Rowe allegedly shot and killed two prison guards in a successful bid to make a break for it. In the sixty hours leading up to their recapture, Dubose and Rowe managed to steal five automobiles, rob two residential homes, harass and restrain an older couple, and lead a police chase through Georgia and Tennessee.

This all began when, while in a transfer vehicle that was locked and guarded, the men managed to make their ways to the front of the vehicle and overtake the driver and another officer. Officers Christoper Monica and Curtis Billue were shot and killed before the fugitives ditched the vehicle to carjack a Honda Civic.

While news of their escape spread to citizens in surrounding areas via social media, Dubose and Rowe continued to make their way north, leaving behind their uniforms for clothes they’d stolen on their crime spree. Officers followed their scent, left by footprints and a Ford pickup truck. The case crossed state lines overnight, and authorities weren’t able to apprehend the men before they overtook an elderly couple’s home.

Bound and held at gunpoint, the couple was helpless as the men helped themselves to clothes, food, and their Jeep Cherokee. After a 10 mile car chase in the Jeep, the men were finally apprehended by local armed civilian, Patrick Hale. According to authorities, Hale drew his weapon before the fugitives who surrendered at the sight of the firearm. He witnessed the criminals attempting to steal his car and called his neighbor for backup.

The civilian neighbors were both armed and prepared for an altercation, but Hale went on record with reporters saying that he never had to draw his weapon. Hale says he was home with his daughter when he got word about the escapees, so he readied his weapons to protect his daughter. When he spotted the escaped men approaching his property, he phoned 911 and prayed for dear life.

When Hale took his daughter with him into his car and began leaving the driveway, the fugitives escaped his vehicle for a police cruiser and surrendered at once. But whether he was forced to draw his weapon or not, Hales bravery in alerting the police with valuable information was noted by authorities. The state’s of Georgia and Tennessee are still working out the fate of the promised $130,000, odds are Hale will be handsomely rewarded for his part in capturing the viciously dangerous criminals.

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