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Jones County Sheriff Overview

Jones County Jail is located in the central region of Georgia, USA in which the total number of inhabitants is 28,569. This county was formed on December 10, 1807, and the county seat here is Gray. Jones County was named to commemorate the contribution of U.S. Representative James Jones. It has a total area of 395 square miles. The zip codes of this county are as follows:

  • 31032
  • 31033
  • 31038
  • 31046

Sheriff Barbara Burnette is the chief law enforcement figure around the county who keeps the criminals at bay. You can contact the sheriff if you use the following details:

123 Holmes Hawkins Drive PO Box 874

Gray, Georgia, 31032

Sheriff’s Office Business Phone:



Jail Phone: 478-986-4992


Inmate Search in Jones County Jail

Jones County Jail doesn’t provide online inmate roster list service. In that case, the fastest way to locate an inmate is to call at 478-986-4992 and make contact with a jail staff. When communicating, you should provide the first and last name, or ID number, or birthdate of the prisoner correctly. In this way, you could locate an inmate fast.

Important Jail Policies and Procedures

According to the visitation policy of Jones County Jail, all inmates must provide the names of potential visitors in advance. The jail administration needs this information to process every visitation. When visiting the facility, you should carry a valid government-issued photo ID as a proof of documentation. You must also wear appropriate clothes and behave politely. If any visitor has a previous record of felony or probation, he or she will face a denial of visitation.

Jones County Jail authority accepts mail via the U.S. Postal Service. Therefore, you can send mail or postcard to any prisoner. When sending, be sure to use the following mailing address:

Inmate Name

Jones County Jail

123 Holmes Hawkins Drive PO Box 874

Gray, Georgia, 31032

Sex Offender Search and Lookup

Each registered sex offender’s information is recorded on either national or state based sex offender database. All these criminals have been charged with either a sex-related crime or a kidnapping crime. According to the law, a sex offender is someone who has committed a sex crime including Rape, Child Pornography, Sexual abuse of a minor, and Sex trafficking. A crime is an illegal act that involves forced or coerced sexual conduct against a person. You can locate any sex offender at Jones County Jail if you navigate to the following link:

Please bear in mind that the search result will display the last known or primary addresses or block of the sex offender you are looking for. You have to accept a disclosure to use the database.

Bail and Bondsman

Bail is a process of obtaining release from police custody by posting the bail money. Typically, the bail money is 10% of the total money charged for a crime offense. The court will review the offense and set a fixed amount as fees for the convicted person. If the bail money set is too expensive for you, you should get help from a bail bondsman. A bail and bondsman would post the bail money and charge at least $100. Others might charge around 10-15% of the total bail money.

Jones County Jail
Address: 123 Holmes Hawkins Dr, Gray, GA 31032

Jones County Sheriff’s Office

The Jones County Sheriff’s Office believes community notification is paramount in the fight against crime. By utilizing Facebook, we have an almost immediate broadcast of important information that is of interest to the citizens of Jones County.
Jones County Sheriff's Office

Jones County Sheriff’s Office1 week ago

In the past several weeks we have noticed an increase in identity theft and fraud reports. Someone even used a citizens identity and purchased four cars in Texas totaling over $250,000! Identity thieves are coming up with new and innovated ways of getting your information. According to here are a few steps to help keep your hard earned identity safe.

Secure your social security number (SSN). Don’t carry your social security card in your wallet or write your number on your checks. Only give out your SSN when absolutely necessary.

Don’t respond to unsolicited requests for personal information (your name, birth-date, social security number, or bank account number) by phone, mail, or online.

Contact the three credit reporting agencies to request a freeze of your credit reports.

Collect mail promptly. Place a hold on your mail when you are away from home for several days.

Pay attention to your billing cycles. If bills or financial statements are late, contact the sender.

Enable the security features on mobile devices, especially if you have contacts, banking websites and applications saved.

Update sharing and firewall settings when you’re on a public wi-fi network. Consider using a virtual private network, which can give you the privacy of secured private network.

Review your credit card and bank account statements.

Promptly compare receipts with account statements. Watch for unauthorized transactions.

Shred receipts, credit offers, account statements, and expired credit cards, to prevent “dumpster divers” from getting your personal information.

Store personal information in a safely. Install firewalls and virus-detection software on your home computer.

Create complex passwords that identity thieves cannot guess easily. Change your passwords if a company that you do business with has a breach of its databases

Review your credit report once a year to be certain that it doesn’t include accounts that you have not opened. You can order it for free from

By following these guidelines you can better secure your identity from those who try to steal it from you! …. Sheriff Reece

Jones County Sheriff's Office

Jones County Sheriff’s Office2 weeks ago

The tornado sirens you may have just heard were only a test. Normally this is done on the first Wednesday of the month, however due to our weather on Wednesday it was postponed until today. …. Sheriff Reece

Jones County Sheriff's Office

Jones County Sheriff’s Office2 weeks ago

Happy Birthday to these employees with February Birthdays! Sergeant John Humphries, Deputies Boisey Hunt, Mike Pruitt, Clay Wiggins and Micah Wood, Jailer Todd Dupree and Patrice Williams. …. Sheriff Reece

Jones County Sheriff's Office

Jones County Sheriff’s Office3 weeks ago

The Jones County Sheriff’s Office is now offering NetVisit (TM) Video Visitation from Lattice Incorporated. This new technology lets family and friends visit more frequently and have video calls with inmates, without having to travel to the correctional facility. Family and friends can conduct video visitation sessions from their home (or other location outside of the correctional facility), using any personal computer with a camera, microphone, and an Internet connection. The computer will also need to have Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox Web browsers installed, as the video visitation system works only with those Web browsers and you must have a secure connection.

Create an Account

To create an account, please log on to the Lattice website and please follow the instructions. You will purchase video visitation session credits for remote visits before you are allowed to schedule video visitation sessions,

Limit on Video Visitations

Family and friends can conduct 2 on site video visitation sessions, thirty minutes and 5 remote video visitation sessions, fifteen minutes, each week increasing the availability to visit.

Additional Resources

If you are on the website and have any questions, please contact Lattice’s Customer Service Center at 888-843-1972.

Jones County Sheriff's Office

Jones County Sheriff’s Office added 2 new photos.4 weeks ago

We have received several complaints about companies like Microsoft calling some of you possibly requesting personal information. THIS IS A SCAM! Companies like Microsoft will never make cold calls or ask for personally identifiable information(such as: your device’s product key, operating system version, your email address, etc.) unless you call their tech support department directly. Below is Microsoft’s website link explaining more in detail about phone scams and how to defend against them. If anyone is worried that they have maybe contributed unknowingly to one of these scams please let us know…..Sheriff Reece

Jones County Sheriff's Office

Jones County Sheriff’s Office4 weeks ago

Last Monday I posted about several juveniles burglarizing a residence on Dusty Lane, one of them had two firearms in his waistband. Today, at their court appearance, the charges were reduced from Burglary to Criminal Attempt to Commit Burglary and Possession of a Firearm during the commission of a felony to Possession of a handgun by person under the age of 18 years. All four were released to their parents today! I guess this is what the current administration had in mind when it came to “Criminal Justice Reform.” Keep your eyes on the Legislature, more “reform” is proposed for this Legislative Session. …. Sheriff Reece

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