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Lee County Sheriff Overview

Lee County is located in the southwest of Georgia, USA. This county’s total population is 29,071 and the county seat here is Leesburg. Lee County was formed on December 14, 1826. It was named after Henry Lee III. Lee County has a total area of 362 square miles. The zip code of this area is 31763.

Sheriff Reggie Rachals is the leading law enforcement figure around the county who keeps the criminals at bay. You can contact the sheriff through the following details:

Lee County Sheriff’s Department

119 Pinewood Road PO Box 610, Leesburg, Georgia, 31763

Phone: 229-759-3328 and 229-759-3334

Email: and

Fax: 229-759-6039

Inmate Search in Lee County Jail

Lee County Jail doesn’t offer online inmate roster list service. Therefore, the best way to locate an inmate is to call at 229-759-3328 and make a direct inquiry to the jail staff. When contacting, you must provide the first name and the last name or ID number or birthdate of the inmate correctly. It will get you fast results.

Important Jail Policies and Procedures

The visitation rules at Lee County Jail requires you to have your name registered in advance. The jail administration collects the name of the potential visitors from the inmates to ensure all visitation can take place in a scheduled manner. Upon arriving at the facility, you must go through a formal search procedure, which is conducted to make sure the security of the facility is not breached. You must also show a government-issued photo ID as a proof of documentation.

You can communicate with an inmate if you send mail or postcard via the U.S. Postal Service. When you are sending mail to a prisoner, you should ensure that you are using the following mailing address:

Name of the Inmate

Lee County Jail

119 Pinewood Road PO Box 610, Leesburg, Georgia, 31763

Lee County uses AmTel Communications as their phone carrier. Therefore, the prisoners can make contact from the jail to their family or friends. All they need to do is to buy pre-paid calling cards from the commissary store.

Sex Offender Search and Lookup

Every registered sex offender is listed on either state or national based sex offender database. All these people have been charged with either a sex crime or a kidnapping crime. According to the law, a sex offender is someone who has committed a sex-related crime including Rape, Sexual Assault, Sexual abuse of a minor, Sex trafficking, and Child pornography. A sex crime is any illegal act that involves forced or coerced sexual conduct against a person. You can quickly identify a sex offender at Lee County if you go online through the following link:

You should keep in mind that the search result will show you the last known addresses or block of the sex offenders where they are currently living on. You have to accept a disclosure to access information from the database.

Bail and Bondsman

Bailing someone out of Lee County Jail is easy if you post the bail money to the court. The bail money is 10% of the total money charged for a crime offense. The court will review and decide how much money one should pay as charges for whatever crime the offender has committed. If you are financially insolvent and you cannot afford to pay the bail money in cash, you should get help from a bail bondsman. A verified bail and bondsman would post the bail money and charge a minimum of $100 for their services. In other cases, you have to pay anything between 10% and 15% of the total bail money.

Lee County Jail
Address: 119 Pinewood Rd, Leesburg, GA 31763

Lee County, Georgia Sheriff’s Office

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to the citizens of Lee County by providing law enforcement services as required by law. Also we are committed to perform our duties displaying a high level of ethics and professionalism. All the Sheriff’s Office employees are highly trained and have been tasked with providing these services equally to everyone. Feel free to contact us anytime you need our services.

Lee County, Georgia Sheriff's Office

Lee County, Georgia Sheriff’s Office2 weeks ago

These photographs were captured of a suspect from the East Side Lee County Entering Automobiles this morning. If you recognize this subject or think you recognize this subject, please contact the Lee County Sheriff’s Office at 229-759-6012. Also, please remember to lock you doors and remove valuables from sight. Remember that all of the vehicles involved in this recent series of thefts were unlocked.

Lee County, Georgia Sheriff's Office

Lee County, Georgia Sheriff's Office

Lee County, Georgia Sheriff’s Office added 3 new photos.2 weeks ago

These photographs and video were captured of a suspect and suspect vehicle from the East Side Lee County Entering Automobiles this morning. If you recognize this subject/vehicle or think you recognize this subject/vehicle, please contact the Lee County Sheriff’s Office at 229-759-6012. Also, please remember to lock you doors and remove valuables from sight. Remember that all of the vehicles involved in this recent series of thefts were unlocked.

Lee County, Georgia Sheriff's Office

Lee County, Georgia Sheriff’s Office2 weeks ago

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office has received several reports of entering automobiles on the East Side of Lee County in the Lazy Acres neighborhood. ALL of the vehicles involved were unlocked. Please remember to lock your doors and remove any items of value from sight. Also, please feel free to report any suspicious people or vehicles at 229-759-6012.

Lee County, Georgia Sheriff's Office

Lee County, Georgia Sheriff’s Office3 weeks ago

Studies have shown that once your child is victimized it is too late to stop the crime. The crime has already been committed. Nothing can change what happened, but you need to notify law enforcement, so justice can be served. The crime does not only affect parents it also affects that child in many different ways. One example of how these crimes affect your child is the fact that they can never get back their innocence, they can never un-see what has been seen, and after a picture or post is out there it can never be completely controlled or removed from the internet. A juvenile mistake is a mistake that is permanently on the World Wide Web. It can be used against your child for the rest of their life by someone who’s out for revenge, someone who wants to bully them, or someone who may just be jealous of them. Not to mention the countless pedophiles. Pedophiles look for innocence and will use a juvenile mistake for their benefit. As a parent and a special crimes investigator I am asking that you all take a step to protect the innocence of your children. They are a Target on social media; there is no doubt about it.

1. Too much stress for a child/juvenile
Kids already have a lot of stress which we can all remember in our teen years; worrying about if they have enough friends, is that person mad at them, why they do or don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend, why that person does not like them, homework, school day………But these social medias add so much more stress; did I get enough likes, did I get enough comments, do I have enough followers, and why didn’t I get enough likes, why didn’t I get enough comments, why don’t I have enough followers, why didn’t he/she like my post……… multiply that stress times how many social media accounts they have. (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp, QQ, Wechat, Qzone, Tumbler, Twitter, Kik, Musically, Viber, Vine, Line, Reddit, Tagged, Badoo, Youtube, Meetme, Meetup, Yellow, …….and that is just a few)
2. Incapable to cope/ to see past what is going on right now
Kids are learning to cope but still not able to see past what is going wrong right now. Literally that part of the brain is still developing.
3. Nothing is preventing contact from strangers
You are giving the entire world of strangers unlimited access to your beautiful priceless children. Nothing is preventing anyone from making contact with your kids. Just because a profile says they are a child does not make that a fact. Just because it is private it doesn’t block out the world.
4. They do not understand the definition of KNOWING SOMEONE.
a. ask your child if they know everyone they are friends with on their social medias
b. Then print out their friends list and ask them (as you name each person) who they are and how they know them. Have they ever physically met each person?
c. You will be amazed in how many strangers they are really in contact with. Just because a profile says she is “Lucy” who lives in Alabama and 12 years old does not make that a fact unless you physically have ever met that person.
5. The answer will eventually be yes.
Regardless of how mature and responsible any child or juvenile is if anyone asks them something enough times the answer will be yes. If anyone flatters them enough the answer will be yes. If anyone tells them everything a child/juvenile wants to hear the answer will be yes.
6. Educating them on everything
Ever wonder why kids are so different than we were? Or how are kids growing up so fast? Why do they think having a boyfriend/girlfriend is so important so young nowadays? Social media is teaching them that intimate relationships are what they want and need. Social media ads are in our kids faces and latch onto their minds. Children believe that if they are not in a relationship they are not doing something right. You know how commercials convince you to buy something? Social media is convincing our children.
Not to mention the Stranger part again but…. Strangers talking to your child and who say they are the same age. These strangers are teaching sex education and what is socially correct, usually before parents have realized it is time to have “that talk”. Sorry your child already knows now before you have taught them right from wrong.
7. Social Media Anxiety Disorder (SMAD)
It is a real thing. Social Media is an addiction just as any other. Once addicted it is extremely unhealthy. #FOMO# (fear of missing out) disconnectedness so whether you perceive yourself to be a successful user of social media is likely to have an impact on feelings of loneliness, anxiety, paranoia, and mental health generally.
Any addiction causes negative effects on all aspects and relationships of life, school work, behavioral health, physical health, social health etc.
Ever wonder why the suicide rate of our young is constantly rising even though there are countless programs to prevent suicide? Our modern day anxiety epidemic is not just occurring during the same time that social media apps are on the rise but in actuality it is the consequence.
a. Try it yourself, sacrifice social media or even just cut out one of your social apps to test the theory. Once you get past the anxious period of not checking and posting then you will see an improvement in every aspect ….. your parenthood, work, partner relationship, your mental health, your happiness, lack of loneliness, and even in your physical health.

8. Parents don’t have time for that
Seriously we/parents don’t have time to keep our children safe on social media. Parents are working, cleaning, cooking, taking care of kids, helping with homework, fundraising, sports, band, drama, pleasing partners …..We parents are so busy there is not enough time to monitor everything your children are doing on social media to keep them safe from all these criminals that have unlimited access to them.
9. They don’t NEED it
Social media is not a necessity for children/juveniles. No one is going to report you to DFCS for your child not having a social media profile. They need food, water, shelter, love, understanding, education, emotional comfort, coping skills, not social media accounts!
10 You are an awesome parent!!!
Instead of monitoring your kids social media just don’t let them have it and take that time you were going to monitor the accounts and teach them all about strangers, sex, morals, good touch bad touch, and life skills. Be a role model for your children and teens. Spend quality time with them not your social media. Talk to them and encourage them to speak to you about any and all things. Teach them to share and care but the boundaries of what to share and what is private.
My list of why juveniles should not have social media can continue but I have listed the top 10 reasons that weigh heavily on my heart about this subject. We are all learning. We are all trying to protect our children. No one is the perfect parent. I am certainly not the perfect parent. I have been investigating Internet Crimes Against Children since 2010. Over the past 7 years I have seen more harm come from children on social media than good. I love all children and I love my job! Working to keep children safe is my ultimate goal, but HORRIBLE things happen to even our Lee County children because we are not only trying to keep them safe from the criminals who are physically in our county but the world of criminals on the internet. The opportunity for criminals to victimize children on the internet is limitless, but it is something you can stop! Make the choice to protect your children from internet crimes, by not allowing them to have social media accounts.

Inv. Daphne Lindsey
Lee County Sheriff’s Office
Special Victim Unit
Internet Crimes Against Children
119 Pinewood Rd
Leesburg, GA 31763
(229)759-3331 fax

Lee County, Georgia Sheriff's Office

Lee County, Georgia Sheriff’s Office1 month ago

Investigator V. Culver of DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department is attempting to locate this subject. He is believed to be back in Albany. Investigator Culver can be reached at 404-599-4262.
Please pass on this information. Thanks for any and all assistance provided.

Please Share Your Experiences Visiting Or Staying In This Facility