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McDuffie County Sheriff Overview

McDuffie County is located in the east of Georgia, USA where the total population is 21,565. This county was created on October 18, 1870, and the county seat here is Thomson. McDuffie County was named after George McDuffie who was a South Carolina governor and Senator. McDuffie County has a total area of 266 square miles. The zip codes of this county are as follows: 30824, 30806, and 30808.

Sheriff Logan Marshall and his team are responsible for keeping peace within the county. He can be contacted through the following details:

McDuffie County Sheriff’s Office

751 Public Safety Drive

PO Box 360, Thomson, Georgia

Phone: 706-595-2040

Fax: 706-595-2043

Inmate Search in County Jail

Unfortunately, McDuffie County Jail doesn’t maintain an online inmate roster list. Therefore, the best way to locate a prisoner is to call at 706-595-2040 and communicate with a jail staff. When making an inquiry, you should provide the first and last name of the inmate, or ID number or date of birth. It will get you fast results.

Important Jail Policies and Procedures

McDuffie County’s visitation policy allows inmates to have a fixed number of visitation on each week. Before obtaining a schedule for visitation, you must register your name. When visiting the facility, you must carry a valid government ID as a proof of documentation. Anyone with a prior record of felony or probation would face a denial of visitation.

McDuffie County uses ‘Securus Tech’ as their phone carrier. Therefore, prisoners can make calls to their family and friends from the facility. For more information, please call at 706-595-2040.

You can communicate with an inmate if you send mail or letter via the U.S. Postal Service. When sending mail or postcard, you should use the below mailing address:

Name of the Inmate

McDuffie County Jail

751 Public Safety Drive

PO Box 360, Thomson, Georgia

While incarcerated at McDuffie County Jail, inmates may need funds to buy products or services from the commissary store. Therefore, you can send funds to an inmate’s account using postal money orders or cashier’s check. The jail administration doesn’t accept a cash deposit.

Sex Offender Search and Lookup

Each registered sex offender’s information is recorded on either national or state based sex offender database. All these criminals have been charged with a sex crime or a kidnapping crime. A sex offender is a person who has committed a sex-related crime including Rape, Child Pornography, Sexual abuse of a minor, and Sex trafficking. A sex-related crime is any illegal act that involves forced or coerced sexual conduct against a person. You can identify any sex offender if you navigate to the following links:

Please keep in mind the search result will show you the latest or primary addresses or block of the sex offenders you are looking for. You have to accept a disclosure to use the database.

Bail and Bondsman

The bail money is what you have to post to the court to get out of jail. Typically, the bail money is 10% of the total money charged for a crime offense. The court will review the crime and charge a fixed sum of money to the offender. If you are in financial trouble or if your bail money is too high, a bail bondsman would come handy in these situations. A bail bondsman would charge at least $100 and post the bail money to the court. In some cases, you have to pay around 10-15% of the total bail money.


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McDuffie County Jail
Address: 751 Public Safety Drive, Thomson, GA 30824

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