Lyons, Georgia, Information:

Lyons, Georgia is located in Toombs County, Georgia, in the east-central part of the state. Lyons is the county seat of Toombs County and the city is part of the Vidalia Micropolitan Statistical Area. In 2010, the population of Lyons was 4,367, but in 2016 it was estimated that the population of Lyons had increased to 4,369.

In 2018, Lyons ranked #89 out of 446 of the “Places with the Lowest Cost of Living in Georgia,” and #171 out of 451 of the “Most Diverse Places to Live in Georgia.”

The livability index of Lyons is 58, and it is ranked in the 22nd percentile. It is lower than the average in the state of Georgia of 61 and lower than the national average of 64.

Considering the factors which make up the liability index, Lyons ranks as follows:

  • “A’ – Cost of Living and Weather;
  • “D” – Amenities, and Crime; and
  • “F” – Education, Employment, and Housing.

    Facebook Page for Lyons, Georgia:

    The Mayor of Lyons, Georgia is Mayor Willis D. NeSmith. He can be reached at 912-526-8606 or

    City Hall
    161 NE Broad Street
    Lyons, GA 30436

    Lyons, Georgia Crime Rates and Statistics:

    In 2016, the crime index in Lyons was 317.5, with higher number meaning more crime. This is higher than the U.S. average of 236.5 for the same year. There were 192 reported crimes in Lyons; however due to the low population of the town, the crime rate is 4,392 total crimes for every 100,000 residents. This rate is 29% higher than the Georgia state average of 3,402 total crimes per 100,000 residents and 55% higher than the national average of 2,837 crimes per 100,000 citizens.

    Violent crimes, which include murder, rape, robbery, assault, and robbery, occur have a rate of 274 violent crime per 100,000 residents in the city of Lyons. The violent crime rate in Lyons is 31% lower than the Georgia average of 398 violent crimes per 100,000 citizens, and it is 29% lower than the national average rate of 386 violent crimes for every 100,000 individuals.

    Property crime rates in Lyons, with 4,117 crimes per 100,000 residents are 37% higher than the Georgia state average and 68% higher than the national average. The Georgia state average is 3,005 property crimes for every 100,000 residents and the U.S. average is 2,341 property crimes per 100,000 citizens.

    As of March 2018, there were 50 registered sex offenders living in Lyons, Georgia. The ratio of number of residents in Lyons to the number of sex offenders is 89 to 1.

    Facts about crime in Lyons, Georgia:

  • The overall crime rate in Lyons is 55% higher than the national average;
  • Lyons is safer than 25% of the cities in the United States;
  • In Lyons, you have a 1 in 23 chance of becoming a victim of any crime; and
  • The number of total year over crimes in Lyons has increased by 34%;

    Lyons, Georgia Police Department Address:

    Lyons Police Department
    357 NE Broad Street
    Lyons, GA 30463

    Other Information about the Lyons Police Department:

    The Chief of the Lyons Police Department is Wesley Walker who can be reached at 912-526-3638 or emailed at

    Facebook Page for the Lyons Police Department:

    In 2016, there were 20 full-time law enforcement employees, 18 of whom were police officers in the city of Lyons. The ratio of officers to civilians was 4.12 officers for every 1,000 citizens in Lyons which was higher than the average in the state of Georgia of 2.50 officers per 1,000 residents.

    Open Records Request in Lyons, Georgia

    For records in Toombs County, contact the Clerk of Courts, Nancy Pittman, at:

    Toombs County Court – Physical Address
    100 Courthouse Square
    Lyons, GA 30436
    Fax: 912-526-8985

    Clerk of Court – Mailing Address
    P.O. Box 530
    Lyons, GA 30436
    Fax: 912-526-8985

    County Sheriff, Warrant, Most Wanted Information in Lyons, Georgia:

    The Toombs County Sheriff is Sheriff Alvie (Junior) Kight.

    Toombs County Sheriff’s Office
    357 N.W. Broad St.
    Lyons, GA 30436

    To search the Toombs County sex registry:

    Facebook Page for the Toombs County Sheriff’s Department:

    The Toombs County/Charles Durst Detention Center is under the Georgia Department of Corrections.

    Toombs County Detention Center
    Charles Durst Detention Center
    357 N.W. Broad St.
    Lyons, GA 30436

    The Jail Administrator is Captain Mike Harlin who has been with the Toombs County Sheriff’s Office since 1994.

    To search for an inmate in the Toombs County Detention Center roster:

    To send money to an inmate in a GDC facility, you can send money via online money order voucher, a cash amount online through JPay, or you can speak with a live agent through 24/7 by calling 1-800-574-5729,
    For more information call at 1-800-574-5729

    For information on visiting an inmate in the Toombs County Detention Center, there are specific visitation policies depending on whether it is a state prison and you must pass an application and adhere to the policies of the prisons:

    If you are concerned that an inmate in being treated unfairly or not being treated respectfully, there is an office set up just for that called the Office of Ombudsman and Inmate Affairs. Although these people work for the Department of Corrections, they also work to provide basic rights to inmates and inmate families:

    If you are concerned that you have a warrant in Toombs County, you should call the Sheriff’s Office at 912-526-6778.