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Telfair County Sheriff Overview

Telfair County is located in the central region of Georgia, USA where the total population is 16,591. Here, the county seat is McRae-Helena, which happens to be the biggest city around this area. This county was created on December 10, 1807, and it was named after Edward Telfair. He was the 16th governor of Georgia and also a member of the Continental Congress. Telfair County has a total area of 444 square miles, and the zip codes of this county are 31083, 31544, 31055, and 31549.

Sheriff Chris Steverson conducts patrols across the county to ensure the citizens of this area remain in peace. He can be contacted through the following details:

Contact Information

Country: USA

Address 1: 124 E Oak St

City: McRae

State: GA

Zip Code: 31055-1604

County: Telfair County

Phone #: 229-868-7000

Fax #: 229-868-7025

Additional Information

Type: County Jails

Official Facebook Page:

Inmate Search in Telfair County Jail

Unfortunately, Telfair County Jail doesn’t maintain an online inmate roster list where you can see the list of the detainees. Therefore, you should call at 229-868-6621 and make an inquiry to the jail staff. When communicating, you have to provide the details such as the first and last name of the inmate or ID number or date of birth of the inmate correctly. It will get you fast results.

Important Jail Policies and Procedures

The visitation policy at Telfair County Jail requires all inmates to submit the names of the visitors in advance. Therefore, all visitor must register their name first. Besides, you must carry a valid government ID or driving license and submit it to show as a proof of your identity. Anyone with a previous record of felony or probation would face a denial of visitation.

Telfair County Jail uses ‘Pay Tel’ as their official phone carrier with which inmates can make calls to their family and friends. All they need to do is buy pre-paid calling cards from the commissary store.

Sending an inmate mail to Telfair County Jail is possible if you use U.S. Postal Service. Note that all incoming mail would be checked by the jail administration for contraband. When writing mail or letter, you should use the following mailing template:

Name of the Inmate

Telfair County Jail

11 East Oak Street

McRae, Georgia, 31055

For depositing commissary funds to an inmate’s account, you can use postal money orders or cashier’s check. However, you are not allowed to deposit cash funds directly. Inmates need this fund to purchase different products or services from the commissary store.

Sex Offender Search and Lookup

Each registered sex offender’s information is recorded on either national or state based sex offender database. All these criminals have been charged with either a sex crime or a kidnapping crime. A sex offender is a person who has committed a sex crime including rape, statutory rape, molestation, child pornography, and incest. A sex crime is any illegal act that involves forced sexual conduct against a person. You can locate any sex offender at Telfair County Jail if you navigate to the following link:

Bear in mind that the search result will show you the primary last known addresses or block where the sex offenders are living on. You need to accept a disclosure to use the database.

Bail and Bondsman

You can bail a prisoner out of Telfair County Jail if you post the bail money to the court. Typically, the bail money is 10% of the total money charged for a crime offense. The court will review the crime and decide how money one should pay as fees for whatever crime they have committed. If the bail money set is too high or if you are going through financial trouble, you should get help from a bail and bondsman. A bail and bondsman would post the bail money and charge a minimum of $100. Others might charge 10-15% of the total bail money.


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Telfair County Jail
Address: 19 E Oak St, McRae, GA 31055

Telfair Co. Sheriff Chris Steverson

This private page will be used to keep the public updated on current activities of Telfair Co. Sheriff Chris Steverson. Contact 229-868-6621 or
Telfair Co. Sheriff Chris Steverson

Telfair Co. Sheriff Chris Steverson updated their cover photo.7 days ago

Telfair Co. Sheriff Chris Steverson

Telfair Co. Sheriff Chris Steverson1 week ago

The Telfair County Sheriff’s Office suffered a great loss this afternoon with the passing of Captain E. T. Fletcher after a bout with illness.

E.T. was one of the most dedicated men who ever wore a TCSO badge and he contributed greatly over the span of many years to public safety in our community.

Capt. Fletcher was known for his calming demeanor and for treating others with compassion, fairness and respect. A leader to his family, church, community and within our agency, his wisdom and wit will be sorely missed by all.

I will personally miss my loyal and trustworthy friend, but I know his work here on earth is done. Please say a prayer for his family and many friends and coworkers.

Rest in peace E.T., we thank you, we love you, and we will remember you always……..Sheriff Chris Steverson

Telfair Co. Sheriff Chris Steverson

Telfair Co. Sheriff Chris Steverson3 weeks ago

The Telfair Co Sheriff’s office was made aware of an individual dressed in camouflage clothing, on the premises of the courthouse earlier today.

The individual was reportedly filming /video taping his surroundings from a public place.

Although such behavior seems a bit bizarre and unusual to most of us, the individual in question was not observed breaking any laws.

The situation was continuously monitored by video and by staff from a distance, until the individual in question departed the area. The pertinent information was recorded which would allow us to quickly identify the individual if future developments made locating him necessary.

Recently, there has been several cases reported around the country, of individuals traveling to government buildings and other public properties seeking to provoke law enforcement officers into a situation where the officer erroneously makes an arrest or otherwise hinders the person’s ability to freely exercise their constitutional rights. Both scenarios could be followed by costly lawsuits. (see YouTube “1st Amendment audit”)

Thanks to all who reached out to us and expressed concern. Sheriff Chris Steverson

Telfair Co. Sheriff Chris Steverson

1st Amendment Audit Braselton Police Department (“You Will Give Me Your Name.”) TYRANT ALERT

First Amendment Audit @ the Braselton Police Department. TYRANT located in the parking lot. MAJOR FAIL!!! illegal detainment!! Officer Askey Badge #043. (706…
Telfair Co. Sheriff Chris Steverson

Telfair Co. Sheriff Chris Steverson1 month ago

Effective today, Georgia law requires drivers traveling in both directions on two-lane roads and roads with a center turn lane to STOP for school buses that have their stop arm extended and red lights activated. Vehicles traveling in the opposite direction of a stopped school bus on a road that is separated by a concrete, grass or dirt median do not have to stop, but drivers should exercise caution while driving in this area. #obeythearm #protectourkids

Telfair Co. Sheriff Chris Steverson

Telfair Co. Sheriff Chris Steverson updated their cover photo.1 month ago

Telfair Co. Sheriff Chris Steverson

Telfair Co. Sheriff Chris Steverson1 month ago

The Telfair county sheriff’s Office would like to ask the community to join us in sending up prayers for Captain E.T. Fletcher who is currently battling cancer as well as other health issues. E.T. asked that we let everyone know that he is very appreciative for all the prayers and support as he continues to deal with this serious health crisis. As for the prayers, E.T. asked that we “keep ’em coming”!

E.T. has served our community for many years and we need him to be around for many more!

Any cards sent to the Telfair County Sheriff’s Office at 19 E. Oak Street to the attention of Capt. E.T. Fletcher will be delivered to him.


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