Baxley, Georgia Information

Baxley is the county seat in Appling County and as of the 2010 census had an estimated population of 4,400 residents. The newest population estimate was conducted in 2016 and places the number of residents at 4,741.

The current Mayor of Baxley is Steve Rigdon. He is one of the longest serving mayors in the city and has spent 20 years leading Baxley. Mayor Baxley is known for his accomplishments in office including creating local jobs, preserving the community feel, and positive publicity.

Contact Mayor Baxley:

Phone Number: (912) 367-8100

There are a total of 46 registered sex offenders living in Baxley as of January 2018. The ratio of residents to sex offenders is 96 to 1.

Baxley, Georgia Police Station Information

Baxley is rated an F for crime and safety and has an overall crime rate that is 183% higher than the US national average. Unfortunately, the total year over year crimes in the city have continued to increase by about 32%. For every 100,000 people, there are approximately 21.97 crimes committed daily in Baxley and as a resident, you have a 1 in 13 chance of becoming a victim of a crime. Baxley is safer than only 2% of cities in the US.

The crime rate in Baxley is quite alarming and is 136% higher than the total crime rate average for the whole state of Georgia. When looking at violent crimes, Baxley has a 126% higher rate over all of Georgia and a 133% higher rate than the national violent crime rate.

Per 100,000 people in Baxley, there are 8,019 crimes reported annually, which is significantly higher than the Georgia average of 3,402 and the national average of 2,837. In Baxley, per 100,000 people, there are 22.5 rapes, 134.8 robberies, 741.2 assaults, 1,976.6 burglaries, 4,896.7 thefts, and 247.1 vehicle thefts. This is a total of 898 violent crimes and 7,120 property crimes per year, per 100,000 people.

The Baxley Police Department is responsible for for protecting the residents, visitors, and properties located within the city limits. The police department is committed to strong community relations and works closely with the public to establish a presence and trust. The current Chief of Police is James Godfrey.

Baxley Police Department Address:

560 Barnes Street, Suite C
Baxley, GA 31513

Phone Number: (912) 367-8305

The Baxley Police Department relies on the Appling County Sheriff’s Office to accept inmates that are apprehended in the city. The Appling County Detention Center was first opened in December 2000 and has a total of 24,000 square feet that is used for processing, record keeping, housing inmates, and more. The detention center itself has 84 beds for inmates and has 19 sworn detention officers. To contact the Appling County Detention Center, call (912) 367-8120.

Baxley Police Department Additional Information

Address 1: 560 Barnes Street, Suite C
City: Baxley
State: GA
Zip Code: 31513-0682
County: Appling County
Phone #: 912-367-8305
Fax #: 912-367-8335

Additional Information:

Type: Police Departments
Population Served: 4500
Number of Officers: 15

Baxley Police Department:

Baxley, Georgia City Website:

Appling County Sheriff’s Office:

Open Records Request in Baxley, Georgia

Baxley has a Clerk of Court that is an elected official and is responsible for overseeing the functions of the local city courthouse. The Clerk of Court maintains all court records, authenticates copies of legal documents, and administers official oaths to jurors and witnesses in Baxley. The current Clerk of Court in Baxley is Marsha Thomas.

Contact Baxley Clerk of Court:

Phone Number: (912) 367-8126

County Sheriff, Warrant, Most Wanted Information in Baxley, Georgia

The Appling County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for maintaining, issuing, and providing service for all warrants in the county, to include the city of Baxley. For more information about warrants, residents can call (912) 367-8120.

The Appling County Sheriff’s Office also maintains records of local sex offenders throughout Appling County, which includes the city of Baxley.

View the Appling County Sheriff’s Office Sex Offender Registry Page:

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